Houston Floor Installation

Expert Flooring Installation


When replacing existing flooring, homeowners typically buy their flooring from one company and then have to find installers from another one to place the new flooring in their home. When you work with YULF, however, you will pick from our selection of flooring, which is exclusively designed and manufactured by us. Once you decide on your flooring, we will provide you with professional installation backed by years of experience. By entrusting YULF flooring with all of your flooring needs, you will have a more pleasant experience, since you don’t have to work with more than one company.

Reliable Experience

YULF Flooring Is Your Reliable, All-In-One Flooring Company. From design, to manufacturing, and all the way to installation, YULF does it all. Whereas most installers just care about getting the job done, we care about going the extra mile and getting the job done correctly from start to finish. We do so by combining our expertise with transparency and our desire to keep our customers happy with top quality and their needs in mind.

Transparent Pricing

Our Transparent Pricing Ensures You’re Comfortable Knowing Exactly What You’re Paying For. When it comes to renovating a house, there are several costs involved and not all of them are upfront. Our Houston floor installation company believes that upfront pricing establishes a higher level of trust between us and our customers, so we gladly break down all of the costs associated with replacing your flooring, including all the equipment and materials we bring to your home. 

Quality Assurance

All too often, homeowners end up feeling disappointed in their flooring installation due to the fact that many installers tend to have limited knowledge of your flooring products beyond the basics of how to install them. Sometimes, different brands of flooring require different methods of installation, even though these two brands may offer the same general type of flooring. To mitigate the risk of inconsistency and ensure our customers are pleased when they set foot on their new flooring, we follow our very own checklist of quality assurance. We developed this checklist based on the research we conducted on how customers felt about other flooring products and companies in the industry. Using the negative and positive feedback we gathered, we created this thorough checklist that ensures our customers gain peace of mind and confidence in our ability to deliver the best results.

Our Guarantee & Warranties

Each type of flooring we offer is guaranteed for 25 YEARS

We offer a 1 YEAR workmanship warranty on installation