About YULF Flooring

A Unified Flooring Experience


Since 2010, our team at YULF Flooring in Houston has provided our customers with a positive and seamless experience when installing their new flooring. As a Houston flooring company that is both an installer and manufacturer, we are uniquely positioned to give you the flooring of your dreams. We not only manufacture top-quality flooring material based on data we have accumulated over the years, but we also install it with the utmost care, and we are proud to be your reliable flooring company from start to finish so you can feel right at home when your new floors are installed.

Our elite team of flooring experts takes pride in creating a smooth flooring experience by assisting you in planning, designing/consulting, choosing, and installing the best flooring to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to install engineered hardwood flooring, SPC/WPC flooring, or laminate flooring, we manufacture and install all of these and will be there to address all your questions and concerns. It is our pleasure to ensure you are happy with the end result.

The YULF Flooring Difference 

Usually, homeowners planning to renovate their flooring must purchase their flooring products from a local store that carries multiple products by varied manufacturers. Next, they have to search for an unfamiliar company specializing in flooring installation. We notice that when all of these parties are separate, there is a level of inconsistency that causes a “blame game” to occur.

For example, if a homeowner walks into their house and notices the brand new floors feel unstable, they may suspect the installer did a poor job. When confronting the installer, the installer may explain that the manufacturer was at fault for selling a damaged product and that, if they want it fixed, they need to speak with the store they purchased their flooring from and then ask to get back in touch with the manufacturer. This creates a very stressful situation for homeowners who just want to add beauty to their homes with brand new floors. At YULF Flooring in Houston, we don’t make you deal with any middle men and can address all of your questions in one place.

When you entrust YULF with your unique flooring needs, you can expect to follow this process through our customer-centric approach:

1. Decision

Visit our showroom to see our samples and select a number of flooring options you would like to consider.

2. Design

We personally take your chosen samples to your house or business so you can determine which design is the best fit for you. We will also be glad to offer our advice if necessary.

3. Deliver

We will bring all of the necessary materials to your property and proceed with installing your new flooring. Once the job is complete, we will clear out any trash and clean your brand new floors for you.

Our Guarantee & Warranties

Each type of flooring we offer is guaranteed for 25 YEARS

We offer a 1 YEAR workmanship warranty on installation